Contractor's C57 Lic # 1031626

Western Well Repair

Wells with holes, fractures, breaks, deterioration, and erosion are all subject to contamination, sand pumping, and premature failure. We have developed a repair tool, along with liners, to keep these at risk wells in service. We understand the harsh conditions in which wells operate. Therefore, our tools and liners are designed to work safely and efficiently, while also withstanding the harsh environmental conditions often found down a well.
We have improved well repair by combining our experience and hydraulic swage system capability by engineering every component of our swage. The hydraulic cylinder gives maximum leverage for tool size. The double actuating hydraulic cylinder is controlled from the surface taking all guess work out and eliminating electrical and hydraulic pressure problems down the well. Each side of the tool works independently, making it impossible for our tools to be become stuck open, a common problem with internal motor and single piston water swages.