Contractor's C57 Lic # 1031626

Western Well Repair


Well Repair & Rehabilitation Services

6 inch - 20 inch PVC, Mild & Stainless Steel Casing

When breaks or holes are found in a wells casing our hydraulic swages can patch them. Our swage can also be utilized to retrieve objects dropped down the well.

We can reline an entire well with Steel or PVC casing.

Well casing is brushed and an acid treatment is used to remove incrustation that has clogged the perforations. Also packers can be used to redevelop the well to increase production.

Fast and most effective method of removing debris such as sand or gravel from the bottom of the well.

1 5/8" dual-view mini downhole camera & 3" dual-view downhole camera with 360 degree view.

Our proprietary method used to abandon water wells is more efficient and less time consuming.


Electric Log

3 & 4 Arm Caliper Logs

Deviation / Gyro

Gamma Ray

Spinner (Flowrate) Log

Depth Specific Sampling

Guard Log

Downhole Material Samples

New Capabilities Include:

Downhole Material Samples

Gyro deviation (to determine well verticality)

Cement bond and full waveform sonic logs (to determine behind casing voids)

Casino/seal integrity logs (with sources to evaluate wells above the water table)

Flow profiling (to determine specific depths and amounts of flov,)

Salinity profiling (to determine water quality at specific depths)

Groundwater data analysis/management, integration and interpretation