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Western Well Repair

A History of Growth Since 1929
Joe Guardino first started working in the water well business back in 1929. In 1933, Joe Guardino was working as a shipping clerk for Western Pump Company in San Jose, California. Western Pump Company assembled, installed and serviced water pumping plants. Joe had been in this position for approximately three years when he was promoted to superintendent of the drilling department. Western Pump Company grew considerably and was divided into two separate companies, Western Pump Company and Western Well Drilling Company. The two companies started out under the same ownership. However, in 1962, Layne & Bowler Co. of Memphis purchased the pump company.
From shipping clerk to company president was quite a climb but Joe, with little experience at the start, picked up all the necessary information and experience along the way. In fact, he learned enough and gained enough respect from his fellow contractors in California and throughout the country to be elected president of the National Water Well Assn. in 1963. Also, in that 32-year span, he was president of the state drilling association for seven years.

Joe’s son Samuel “Bud” Guardino followed in his footsteps and started a well repair division in San Jose and opened another branch in Bakersfield, California in 1971. Bud’s three sons and several of his grandchildren are still carrying on the family tradition today.

Western Well Repair is now in the business of repairing broken water well casing, patching holes and sealing off unwanted areas.

Four generations of experience in the water well business gives us the experience to offer the best services available.